Long, Healthy Hair – My Tips And Tricks

Some of the most frequent questions that I get asked are about my hair: if it's real, how do I keep it so long, and how it can grow while still being bleached (I have a hybrid ombré/balayage colouring.)  Yes, my hair is 100% real and though it is long and healthy now, that [...]

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What a Beauty Blogger Thinks…

Split ends. Dryness. Breakage. Frizz – you name it, this stuff is all over it. Literally. It’s an updated version of the cult classic Crema Conditioner, which is kind of a big deal. It has a bunch of beauty hall of fame wins under its belt, and for good reason. It’s totally old-school, but it [...]

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The Holy Grail of Products

Let's talk hair care. Not so long ago I received a Terax Italia Crema + keratin Conditioner for testing purposes. Now. I have never hear of that brand before. Have you? They have been in business for over 40 years. Family own. They make a luxury, handcrafted beauty care. The Terax Hair Care's full line of [...]

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