We make luxury beauty care, handcrafted by a family owned company for over 40 years. As a micro-manufacturer, our small batch production allows us to offer the freshest possible beauty products without any sulfates, parabens, artificial colors or added salts.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest performing beauty treatment products possible. We strive to create “Healthy Hair From The Inside Out”, with our full line of rinse out and leave in conditioning treatments. The pH balancing of your hair is paramount to its health, and our conditioning system is the only one in the world to achieve this delicate balance of moisturizing/strengthening/color-locking.

We are committed to the protection of our environment, which means limiting our carbon footprint in all facets of manufacturing. All components, packing and marketing supplies feature recycled materials whenever possible. All of our bottles, tubes, caps, pumps, boxes etc. are sourced from US and Canadian partners. We place a priority on purchasing goods and services locally and encourage our beauty partners to be “green” as well.


Our award winning product line ranges from rinse out conditioning treatments to leave in conditioning treatments to cleansing treatments. We pride ourselves in giving the best customer support possible. Ask us anything! We are here to assist you in making the correct decision for your hair. We turn our customers into brand ambassadors for life.